Stock Trading Books

Welcome to this stock market trading books web site whose main objective is to help you choose excellent stock market trading books. However, here is a word of caution for new traders or those who are thinking to trade stocks for profit. Stock market trading is very risky and is not suitable for most of us. It seems pretty easy to make money by trading stocks but predicting short term price movements and to benefit from that is very difficult in real life.

However if you are serious about getting into stock trading, welcome to this world of stock traders. On this web site, you will find some clues about stock trading and what to look for in a good stock trading book.

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What should you expect in a good stock trading book?

It is always tough to find a good book on any subject. Stock trading is no exception. Stock trading is not a perfect science. There are no 100% perfect rules. So if you are looking for a sure fire way to make money in any stock trading book, you are bound to be disappointed. If you go to any library, you will find hundreds of book on the subject of investing/trading. However if you read few of them, you will know how disappointing it is to find a good book on stock trading.

So how to find a good stock trading book?

Look for following things:

  • What is needed for success in trading?

A good stock market trading book should list components/factors for success in stock trading

  • Know your biggest enemy in trading: YOU!A stock trading book should also talk at length about influence of emotions in stock trading. The biggest enemy of any trader is himself. His emotions like fear, greed, hopes, regrets. For success in stock trading, it is very important to approach trading objectively and reasonably. A trader needs to have a system that takes him above these emotions. So in my opinion, a good stock trading book should talk about how to create an objective trading system. So any book on trading should include some practical tips on how to create a trading system or a trading plan.
  • Planning for stock trading: Plan your Trades and Trade as per your Plan

Stock trading is a business (because it is done for making money). So like in a business, in stock trading, one needs to do solid planning before making any buy/sell/trade. How much money should you reserve for trading? How much maximum loss you can take? How many trades to do in a month/day/week? How much risk should be taken per trade?
Here are some guidelines about how to make a trading plan.

  • Limit your losses with Stop loss

Stop loss– this has to be third word after Buy and Sell that you learn before you even think about getting into trading. What is a stop-loss? What are the types of stop-loss? How to place a stoploss? How to use a stop loss to your maximum advantage?

For answer to such questions, look at this one page that talks all about stoploss.

  • What to trade and when?

Once (i) you have a trading plan, (ii) you know about stoploss and (iii) are aware about emotions in play, it is the time for you to look out in the market to decide which stock to buy or which stock to sell. Who said trading is easy? It is tougher than the job of a doctor or engineer. You can teach all science out there to a medical professional or a computer engineer in few years but trading is an art. Can teach art to someone? Not fully. Art has to be a second nature of the person. Same goes for trading.

This is a million dollar question? Which stock to buy and when to buy that stock. You need a system or set of indicators to find stocks to trade. Click here to look at one signal in the PROFIT FROM PRICES system. Do spend some time to learn it. This will guide you with how to create your own system to find stocks for trading.